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Embarking on a journey of knowledge and growth, SSET has been a cornerstone in shaping the destinies of many. Our commitment to education extends beyond the classroom, embracing the profound impact our alumni have on the world. The tapestry of connections woven during their time here remains unbreakable, spanning across years and experiences. We take immense pride in the legacy our alumni carry forward, a testament to their unwavering dedication and the institution’s nurturing embrace.

In this dynamic ecosystem of knowledge, SSET’s alumni are not just a part of history, but a driving force for the future. Their diverse accomplishments form a constellation of inspiration, illuminating the paths for those who follow. The Alumni Page stands as a testament to this shared journey, where each lecture, every event, and every achievement are threads that contribute to a vibrant mosaic of excellence. This page isn’t a virtual space; it’s a bridge that connects aspirations with accomplishments, and dreams with their realization.

Alumni Start-ups

Ananthu R Pillai CE- B.Tech(2013-2017)
CP Construction
Emilda Devassykutty CE- B.Tech(2013-2018)
Thrivia Homes and Interiors
Roshan P Raju CE- B.Tech(2013-2019)
Kanzmuwaileh Plaster and Tiles Contracting LLC
SuhailRahiman K A CE- B.Tech(2013-2018)
SR Consultants
Nihal Pradeep CSE- B.Tech(2013-2017)
Roninaks Ventures Pvt Ltd
Dipu R CSE- B.Tech(2006-2010)
Picklebowl Interiors
Nihal Pradeep CSE- B.Tech(2013-2017)
Roninaks Ventures Pvt Ltd
Adil Abdul Latheef CSE- B.Tech(2013-2017)
Codemazk Solutions
Hebin N J CSE- B.Tech(2005-2009)
ExtendedGT business solutions pvt ltd
Akhil Kishore EEE- B.Tech(2010-2014)
Breakthrough Technosystems,Aluva
Amruthlal V K ECE- B.Tech(2010-2014)
Smart-L Technologies, Aluva

Alumni Events/Activities &
Guest Lectures

DepartmentEvent TypeName of AlumniBatchProgrammeProgramme /TopicDateDesignationOrganization/LocationLink
EEWebinar SeriesMr. Shajeer Basheer2002-2006B. TechAsset Radiance Webinar Series 17/16/20201.Managing Director, 2.Managing Partner1.Ace Consultants,Technopark, 2.Great Way Builders,Technopark to-greener-environment
EEWebinarMr. Boney M Varghese2002-2006B. TechWebinar on “Career guidance - Opportunities in engineering"8/7/2020Engineering Manager
Emirates Flight Catering, UAE
EEWebinarMr. Anish Gopalakrishnan2002-2007B. TechWebinar on “Career guidance - Opportunities in engineering"8/7/2020Specification Manager
SOCOMEC Innovative Power Solution, Bangalore
EEWebinarMr. Sreekanth Suresh2009-2013B. TechWebinar on “Career guidance - Opportunities in engineering"8/7/2020Squadron LeaderIndian Airforce 
EEWebinarMrs. Vineetha Raveendran2005-2009B. TechWebinar on “Career guidance - Opportunities in engineering"8/7/2020Researcher
Lulea University of Technology, Sweden
MEWebinarMr. Abraham Jose2002-2006B. TechWebinar on “An Introduction to wet utilities infrastructure”7/9/2020Specialist in Community Infrastructure ConstructionAECOM
MEWebinarMr. Rahul Raj2004-2008B. TechWebinar on "Safety valves & some insights into international codes and standards"5/22/2020Sales and Market DeveloperLESER GmbH & Co. KG, UAE
MEComprehensive ExamMr.Premkrishnan2002-2006B. TechComprehensive Exam5/2/2019Senior Manager Projects
Carborandum Universal Kochi Kerala
AUWebinarDr. Deepak Hari2004-2008B. TechWebinar on “Jaguar Land Rover Powertrains”5/8/2020Electrification Strategy LeadJaguar Land Rover, UK
AUWebinarMr. Gireesh Mohan2008-2012B. TechWebinar on “Introduction to autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems”4/27/2020Consultant System Test Engineer
T& S Engineering GmbH,Germany
AUWebinarMr. Arjun Sethumadhavan2011 - 2015B. TechWebinar on “Engineering behind Tyres”4/29/2020Assistant ManagerJ K Tyres , Mysuru
AUWebinarMr.Vishnu Moorthy2011 - 2015B. TechWebinar on “Engineering behind Tyres”4/29/2020ScientistHASETRI,Mysuru
AUWebinarMr.Telbin Thomas C2013-2017B. TechWebinar on “Study and Career opportunities in Sweden”4/24/2020M.S Production Development & Management ScholarJonkoping University, Sweden
CEWebinarMr. Deepu Pillai2002-2006B. TechWebinar on “Property Developers: Procurement Process & Cost Management”7/14/2020Asst. Vice President- Cost EstimationALDAR, UAE 
CEWebinarEr. Madhu Sethumadhavan2002-2006B. TechWebinar on " Bonded Post-tension Slabs"5/2/2020Project ManagerColliers International 
CEWebinarMs. Meera R Nair2003-2007B. TechCharting the Course1/31/2020Operations- HeadFoliage Architects, Kochi 
CEWebinarEr. Arun Mathews2005-2009B. TechMy Career - Lessons Learned1/20/2020Digital Advancement Academy ManagerBentley Institute, Dubai 
CSEExpert TalkMr.Rakesh .Rajan2004-2008B. TechPersonality Development and Resume Preparation28/01/2020Regional HR and IR ManagerCelebi Aviation Holding ,Cochin
CSEHands-On SessionMr.Nihil Pradeep2013-2017B. TechMangoDB10/10/2019Founder & CEORONAK Technologies
CSEInduction ProgrammeMr.Nihil Pradeep & Mr.Sreeram. S.Kammath2013-2018B. TechHow to become an Entrepreneur at Young Age?1/8/2019Founder & CEORONAK Technologies
CSEInduction ProgrammeMs. Ayisha Jalal, Mr.Ajay Reghuwarrier, Ms.Malavika Prakash2015-2019B. TechPathway to become a successful Computer Engineer1/9/2019  
ECEWebinarMr. Lakshman M2012-2016B. TechDesign of Digital Systems20/06/2020ASIC Design EngineerJuniper Networks, Banglore 
ECEExpert TalkMs Meera S2006-2010B. TechCareer Experience in Antenna Development20/01/2020Product and Project Manager
Globalwave Technologies (P) Ltd., Cochin
ECEWebinarMr. Mohammed Sheefar Kalluveettil2001-2005B. TechASSET Radiance Webinar Series I/Cyber Security- Career Options7/7/2020Head of Information Security- Technology and MonitoringBanking Sector, UAE 
ECEWebinarMr. Mohammed Sheefar Kalluveettil2001-2005B. TechASSET Radiance Webinar Series I/Cyber Security- Career Options7/7/2020Head of Information Security- Technology and MonitoringBanking Sector, UAE 
ECEWebinarMr. Joseph Jacob2002- 2006B. TechASSET Radiance Webinar Series I / Building Automation Career Options & Corporate Scaling8/7/2020Regional Sales Manager - GCCHoneywell 
ECEWebinarMr. Praveen Menon2002- 2006B. TechASSET Radiance Webinar Series I/Automative Industry : Decide which piece of the cake you want17/07/2020Aftersales Business Development ManagerAl Masood, UAE 
Name of AlumniBatchProgrammeProgramme /TopicDateDesignationOrganization/LocationLink
Mr. Krishnachandran M2013-2015M. TechComprehensive Exam4/9/2018Lead EngineerStands Energy, Pvt, Ltd, Koratty 
Ms. Bincy Thomas2013-2015M. TechComprehensive Exam4/10/2018Lead EngineerStands Energy, Pvt, Ltd, Koratty 
Mr. Hebin N J2005-2009B. TechComprehensive Exam4/11/2018Technology Development ManagerSuyati Technologies,Kakkanad 
Mr. Dipu R2006-2010B. TechComprehensive Exam4/12/ 
Mr.Arun Valiyaparambil2003-2007B. TechRecent trends in the industry4/8/2019DirectorDevice Software,Netradyne,Bangalore.
Er. Arun Mathews2005-2009B. TechFeatures SSET alumni sharing career paths, offering insight, and introucing companies to students43592
Digital Advancement Academy Manager
Mr. Unnikrishnan Ambady2006-2010B. TechExternal Examiner for Viva Voce26/4/2019Tech. LeadHoneywell, Banglore 
Mr. Enesh Manian2005-2009B. TechExternal Examiner for Viva Voce26/4/2019Assoicate Project Manager
Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Coimbatore
Ms. Gayathri2008-2012B. TechExternal Examiner for Viva Voce26/4/2019Senior Engineer
Continental Automotive Components India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
DepartmentEvent TypeName of AlumniBatchProgrammeProgramme /TopicDateDesignationOrganization/LocationLink
CSEExpert TalkMr.Aravind Anilkumar2007-2011 Digital Marketing8/3/2018DeveloperTrans Union, South Africa 
ECEComprehensive ExamMr. Unnikrishnan Ambady2006-2010B. TechExternal Examiner for Viva Voce9/4/2018Tech. LeadHoneywell, Banglore 
ECEComprehensive ExamMr. Deepak N2006-2010B. TechExternal Examiner for Viva Voce9/4/2018Tech. LeadHoneywell, Banglore 
S.NoNameDesignationDepartmentEmail IDContact No
1Dr Anitha G PillaiDean AcademicsCivil Engineeringanithagpillai@scmsgroup.org9497775295
2Vipin Raj P. G.Asst. ProfessorAutomobile Engineeringvipinraj@scmsgroup.org9847890226
3Merin MathewAsst. ProfessorCivil Engineeringmerinmathew@scmsgroup.org9847498570
4Lakshmi PriyaAsst. ProfessorCivil Engineeringlakshmipriya@scmsgroup.org9995870682
5Soniya JoseAsst. ProfessorComputer Science & Engineeringsoniyajose@scmsgroup.org9995201302
6Sonal AyyappanAssoc. ProfessorComputer Science & Engineeringsonal@scmsgroup.org9447747061
7Nisha S RajAsst. ProfessorComputer Science & Engineeringnishasraj@scmsgroup.org9746942725
8Varun JoseAsst. ProfessorElectrical & Electronics Engineeringvarunjose@scmsgroup.org8113980768
9Praveena S KammathAsst. ProfessorElectronics & Communication Engineeringpraveenakamath@scmsgroup.org8129542585
10Sreeja K AAsst. ProfessorElectronics & Communication Engineeringsreejaka@scmsgroup.org9746265253
11Sam JoshyAsst. ProfessorMechanical Engineeringsamjoshy@scmsgroup.org9946226732
12Manoj KalathilAsst. ProfessorMechanical Engineeringmanojkalathil@scmsgroup.org9446431513

Alumni Association Enosis

Our Alumni Association, Enosis, serves as a testament to the strong bond between SSET and its graduates. With a dedicated Executive Committee at its helm, Enosis spearheads endeavors that enrich both our institution and its alumni. This association embodies the spirit of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and professional growth, making a lasting impact on the lives it touches.

Looking forward to reconnecting and sharing memories!