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Dr. Pradeep P Thevannoor Learning Resource Centre


The SCMS School of Engineering and Technology Library, renowned as one of the finest among self-financing engineering college libraries in Kerala, stands as a testament to the institution’s commitment to knowledge and learning. Fondly referred to as the heart of the College, this library has been pivotal in the academic growth of the institution. Established in 2001, the library underwent a significant transformation in 2016. It was relocated to a spacious, nature-friendly building spanning 2310 M^2 and was rechristened as the Dr. Pradeep P. Thevannoor Learning Resource Centre in honor of the former Vice Chairman, Dr. Pradeep P Thevannoor.

The library boasts a collection exceeding 37,840 volumes of engineering and technology-related printed books. It also subscribes to over 124 technical journals and general magazines in print. Additionally, the library provides access to full-text online databases such as IEEE Explore(ASPP), ASCE, ASME, J-GATE, and more, encompassing over 4000 journals. The EBSCO E-books collection, with over 6000 books, is another feather in its cap. Digital Library Resources like NPTEL, DELNET, and NDL are also accessible to its users. The library is equipped with 15 high-end systems dedicated to accessing e-Resources and also houses a commendable collection of CDs and DVDs. Modernizing its operations, the library has adopted state-of-the-art RFID technology for all in-house activities. The OPAC, an online e-Catalogue, ensures that all information resources are easily accessible to users. The PPTLRC is unwavering in its commitment to cater to the information and intellectual needs of its users, offering a dynamic environment conducive for academic study and research.


To be a centre of excellence in providing all accessible scientific, technical and state of the art information to help the parent institution keep pace with the modern technological development of society.


To establish and maintain an efficient information centre that procures, stores, and processes the maximum available learning resources and disseminates the right information to the right user

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