College Code : SCM

Campus Life


At SSET, the infrastructure is meticulously designed to foster both academic excellence and personal growth. SSET offers secure and separate hostels for students, efficient transportation with 22 buses covering key city areas, a spacious cafeteria serving diverse cuisines, a fully-stocked College Store for academic essentials, and on-campus banking services from renowned banks for seamless transactions.


Our sports facilities are state-of-the-art, designed to cater to a wide variety of disciplines. From the spacious basketball courts to the lush green soccer fields, we ensure that every sportsperson has the ideal environment to train and compete. Regular inter-college tournaments, workshops with renowned athletes, and a dedicated team of coaches make our sports program one of the most sought-after in the region


Our NSS program stands as a testament to our dedication to fostering change through service. By instilling a sense of responsibility and community involvement, students are encouraged to engage in projects that not only address societal challenges but also enrich their leadership skills and promote social welfare.


Step into a realm where creativity and imagination know no bounds. Our Arts programs offer a rich platform for self-expression, fostering both artistic exploration and cultural appreciation. Whether your passion lies in fine arts or the performing arts, we are here to ensure it finds its perfect canvas.

Helping Hands

With a vision to make a lasting difference, our Helping Hands initiatives embrace the spirit of compassion and philanthropy. As we extend our hand to those in need, we invite students to join us, ensuring that together, we make a tangible impact on society through our community outreach efforts.

Students Club

Our Students Clubs are more than just groups; they’re vibrant communities of passion and interest. Offering a plethora of platforms, we ensure students find like-minded peers, whether their interest lies in technology, literature, or any of the myriad clubs we have on offer

College Union

Empowerment and representation form the core of our College Union. We believe in giving students a voice, a platform to lead, and avenues to engage in constructive decision-making. Through events and initiatives, our union continuously works towards fostering change and campus improvement

Kerala Blockchain Academy

The future is digital, and blockchain stands at its forefront. Our Kerala Blockchain Academy is dedicated to providing unparalleled opportunities for students to delve deep into blockchain technology. Through innovative courses and hands-on experiences, we pave the way for the next generation of tech pioneers.

Teachers Recreation

We recognize that our educators, the pillars of our institution, need their moments of leisure and rejuvenation. Our Teachers Recreation program stands testament to this, offering an array of recreational activities that ensure our faculty’s well-being and balance are always prioritized.