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Helping Hands Organization (H2O)


At the intersection of technology and artistry lies SYNERGY, the Computer Science and Engineering Department Association of SSET. More than just an academic platform, SYNERGY is a testament to the multifaceted nature of our students. It serves as a gentle reminder that while deadlines and projects are crucial, it’s equally important to remain attuned to the world around us, to its beauty and its challenges.

By offering a space for students to showcase both their artistic and academic prowess, SYNERGY helps them transcend the boundaries of mere programming. It encourages them to evolve, not just as skilled engineers, but as empathetic human beings. The association fosters a sense of belonging, providing a refreshing deviation from routine.

Driven by a student-led committee, SYNERGY’s initiatives are diverse. From publishing monthly newsletters that feature technical insights, captivating drawings, and thought-provoking articles, to organizing workshops, seminars, coding contests, and cultural activities. SYNERGY is instrumental in shaping creative and holistic engineers.


The Helping Hands Organization believes in the power of planning and action. Their mission revolves around identifying key areas of societal need and implementing projects to address these areas. With this in mind, they have identified six primary areas of focus to benefit. These areas are structured to bring joy and assistance to those in need. The main projects under these areas of focus Are 

Executive Committee

Faculty Coordinator


S8 Mechanical Engineering

Mob:  +91 7559089064


Student Coordinator


Assistant Professor 

Basic Science and Humanities Department

Mob: 9747799319, 6238922540


Sparsham’ 23

Renovate the cattle shed (belonging to a poor family) in Palissery, which was destroyed in the recent rain.

We were much contented when we could extend our helping hands to renovate the cattle shed of Mr. Raghavan at Nalukettu. The HELPING HANDS ORGANISATION of SSET went forward to fulfill his dream via SPARSHAM 2K23. The initiative orchestrated by Mr. Akhil Baby and his team was established on the Economic condition of the family and his ailment. The renovation was done on the 22nd and 23rd of September 2023. We witnessed yet another bunch of enthusiastic volunteers who showed up to make this event a grand success.

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