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Dr. Subramanian Swamy

Chairman, SCMS Board of Governors Former Minister of Commerce and Justice, Govt. of India

A renowned academic and influential political figure, Dr. Swamy brings a wealth of expertise from his prestigious tenures at Harvard University and IIT Delhi. His periodic visits to SCMS are not merely administrative but are enriched with enlightening lecture series, leaving a profound impact on both students and faculty.

With academic accolades such as a Masters in Statistics, a Bachelor Honours in Mathematics, and a doctorate in Economics from Harvard, Dr. Swamy stands out as an academic luminary. His collaboration with Nobel Laureates Simon Kuznets and Paul A Samuelson, and his extended professorship stints at Harvard and IIT Delhi further amplify his academic prowess. Apart from his proficiency in languages such as Tamil, Hindi, and English, he has a keen interest in Chinese.

His remarkable political journey saw him lay the foundational blueprints for India’s economic reforms and champion a significant reorientation in India’s foreign policy, particularly towards China.

Dr. G P C Nayar

Chairman, SCMS Group

The SCMS Group owes its inception to visionary academicians, with Dr. G P C Nayar leading the march since 1976. Under his adept leadership, what started as a singular initiative in quality education blossomed into an educational conglomerate.

Dr. Nayar, having held prominent managerial positions globally, always envisioned providing exceptional education at accessible costs. This dream was realized with the establishment of the School of Communication and Management Studies (SCMS) in 1976. Commitment to quality soon positioned SCMS as a beacon of excellence in the academic realm. With time, SCMS, under Dr. Nayar’s guidance, has expanded its horizon, creating institutions that are benchmarks in diverse fields – from management to architecture, and arts to sciences.

Our Homage to a Great Visionary

In Memoriam

Dr. Pradeep P. Thevannoor A Beacon of Vision and Dedication

Dr. Pradeep P. Thevannoor, the esteemed Vice Chairman of the SCMS Group, remains an indelible figure in our institution’s rich tapestry. His vision, paired with an unyielding dedication, was the driving force behind SCMS’s journey towards unparalleled quality and excellence.

More than just an administrator, Dr. Thevannoor was an innovator, always eager to propel the institution forward. His relentless energy and fervent imagination illuminated every project he touched. The esteemed SCMS School of Engineering & Technology was especially dear to him, embodying his aspirations for the institution. Moreover, he was the cornerstone behind the establishment of the SCMS School of Architecture, SCMS Water Institute, and the SCMS Institute of Bio-science and Biotechnology Research and Development.

Beyond the confines of academic corridors, Dr. Thevannoor was a pioneer, instrumental in groundbreaking projects like neera extraction, biofuel production from coconut oil, and the development of the therapeutic ‘stevia tea’ among numerous other ventures. Each endeavor was a testament to his visionary spirit, leaving an impact that transcends beyond SCMS.

His global outlook took him to various corners of the world, as he aimed to elevate SCMS’s international presence. One of his most cherished dreams was to expand the institution’s academic reach to global hubs such as London and Bangalore. Tragically, it was during a mission to realize this very dream in Bangalore that he met an untimely end in a car accident on 17th November 2014.

Dr. Thevannoor’s legacy is one of unwavering commitment and passion for SCMS. He not only lived with an ardent devotion to the institution but, in his passing, left an indomitable spirit that continues to inspire us every day.


Mr. Baiju Radhakrishnan Group Director

Prof. Pramod P. Thevannoor Vice Chairman

Dr. Indu Nair
Group Director

Dr. G P C Nayar

Dr. Radha P. Thevannoor Group Director

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