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SYNERGY -More On Computer Science

SYNERGY - The Pulse of Computer Science And Engineering At SSET

At the intersection of technology and artistry lies SYNERGY, the Computer Science and Engineering Department Association of SSET. More than just an academic platform, SYNERGY is a testament to the multifaceted nature of our students. It serves as a gentle reminder that while deadlines and projects are crucial, it’s equally important to remain attuned to the world around us, to its beauty and its challenges.

By offering a space for students to showcase both their artistic and academic prowess, SYNERGY helps them transcend the boundaries of mere programming. It encourages them to evolve, not just as skilled engineers, but as empathetic human beings. The association fosters a sense of belonging, providing a refreshing deviation from routine.

Driven by a student-led committee, SYNERGY’s initiatives are diverse. From publishing monthly newsletters that feature technical insights, captivating drawings, and thought-provoking articles, to organizing workshops, seminars, coding contests, and cultural activities. SYNERGY is instrumental in shaping creative and holistic engineers.

Cysgen - the Vanguard of Cyber Security

In the digital age, understanding the intricacies of cyber threats and defense mechanisms is paramount. Enter CysGen, a community dedicated to enlightening and inspiring students about the nuances of cyber attacks and defense strategies. This forum, backed by dedicated faculty members and enthusiastic students, serves as a hub for cyber security enthusiasts to collaborate on projects and engage in meaningful discussions.

  • Dr. Vinod P: Dean-Research and Publication, Professor and Head of the Department, Computer Science & Engineering.
  • Ms. Susmi Jacob: Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering.
  • Ms. Asha S: Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Engineering.
  • Workshop on Ethical Hacking: Led by Mr. Kalathil Karthik from Wattlecorp Cybersecurity Labs LLP, Bangalore, this workshop introduced S4 CSE students to the world of ethical hacking on 27/1/2020.
  • Talk on Android Malware Analysis using Machine Learning Approaches: A deep dive into the realm of Android Malware Analysis, this talk was conducted by Ms. Ananya and Ms. Aswathy A, students of S7 CSE, on July 5th, 2018.
  • One-day Security Meet: This event covered a range of topics including Collusion Attack, Ransomware attack, Steganography, and Secure Transmission of Text with gnuPG in 2016.
  • Two-day Training on “Ethical Hacking”: A comprehensive training attended by S8 semester students in 2016, held on 26-12-2015 and 27-2-2015.

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