College Code : SCM

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

At SCMS School of Engineering & Technology, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) embodies our unwavering commitment to academic excellence and continuous enhancement. Established in harmony with NAAC guidelines, the IQAC is our pledge to uphold the highest standards of quality in education.

  • The IQAC’s primary mission is to foster a consistent and catalytic approach, aiming to elevate both academic and administrative performance.
  • Furthermore, it champions the cultivation of a quality-centric culture, ensuring the institutionalization of best practices across all facets of our institution.
  • Dr.Anitha G.Pillai, Principal, SSET
  • Prof. Pramod P. Thevannoor, Vice Chairman, SCMS Group
  • Dr. Radha P. Thevannoor, Group Director, SCMS
  • Dr. Indu Nair, Group Director, SCMS
  • Dr.Praveensal  C.J., Director, SSET
  • Dr. Sunny George, Director, SCMS Water Institute
  • Mr.Jose SherilDe’cota, Assistant Professor ,Department of ME
  • Dr.Varun G.Menon, Deputy Research Dean, SSET
  • Dr. Jenson Joseph E., HOD, Department of AU
  • Dr. Ratheesh Menon,HOD, Department of CE
  • Dr.Manish T.I.,HOD , Department of CSE
  • Dr.Sonal Ayyappan, HOD , Department of AI &DS
  • Dr.Deepak K.S., HOD, Department of ECE
  • Mr.Jayanand B,HOD ,Department of EEE
  • Dr. Rag R L, HOD, Department of ME
  • Dr. Nuja Unnikrishnan, HOD, Department of BS & H
  • Dr. Anu V R, Associate Professor, Department of CSE
  • Mr. Ajit Joseph, Assistant Professor, Department of ME
  • Dr. Lakshmipriya, Assistant Professor, Department of CE
  • Ms. Sindhya K. Nambiar, Assistant Professor, Department of CSE
  • Dr. Parvathy M, Assistant Professor, Department of ECE
  • Mr. Anil , Librarian, PTLRC
  • Dr. Mini Tom, Deputy Dean, SSET
  • Ms. Divya, Assistant Professor, Department of BS & H
  • Mrs. Jagathamma M.P, Adminstrative officer ,SSET
  • Dr. ShaijuThadathil, Director, Water Quality Division,
  • Centre for Water Resources Development & Management (Govt. of Kerala), Kunnamangalam, Kozhikode, Kerala.
  • Mr. Sajeev Paul, Cluster Director of Engineering, Kochi & Bengaluru Marriott Hotels
  • Mr. Nihaal Pradeep, Dartle,(Roninak sports Private Limited)
  • Mrs. SreejaK.U.

  • Mr. Tom George Kappil

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