College Code : SCM

National Service Scheme (NSS)


Established on September 24, 2007, NSS unit No. 182 has been pivotal in promoting social responsibility, legal awareness, and anti-ragging initiatives at [College Name]. Its efforts in environmental consciousness have been noteworthy. To accommodate the growing enthusiasm, an additional unit, No. 584, was introduced on October 27, 2015. Both units aim to nurture values of sacrifice, service, and unity among students.

With the dedication of student volunteers and faculty support, the units have undertaken significant community projects, including adopting the Palissery Panchayath and the Gandhigram Skin Diagnosis Centre. Currently, unit 182 has 100 members, and unit 584 has 50. The college maintains detailed records of all NSS activities, and committed volunteers are recognized with certificates. Each student also keeps a diary of their service journey.

In essence, the NSS units at [College Name] symbolize service, unity, and leadership.

Objectives at a Glance

Grasp the essence of the community they serve.

Recognize their role and relationship within the community.

Pinpoint community challenges and actively participate in solutions.

 Harness their expertise to address both individual and communal issues.

Master the art of group living and shared responsibilities.

Hone skills to rally community involvement and participation

 Foster leadership traits and uphold democratic values.

Equip themselves to tackle emergencies and natural calamities.

 Champion the ideals of national integration and societal harmony.

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