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WEB-OPAC (Book search)


The Dr. Pradeep P Thevannoor Learning Resource Centre is committed to providing seamless access to its vast collection of books and resources. With the integration of the Library Web – OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue), patrons can effortlessly search, check the availability of library documents, and determine their status and location.

Key Features of Web OPAC

  • Comprehensive Search: The platform offers a robust search facility, allowing users to specify parameters such as Author, Title, Subject, and Publisher.
  • Real-time Status: Users can instantly determine the status of a book, i.e., whether it’s available on the shelf or currently issued.
  • Multiple Copies Information: The system provides details on the number of copies available in the library for a particular title.
  • E-Resources Access: Apart from books, users can also search for periodicals and e-resources

Accessing Web OPAC: To delve into the vast collection of the Dr. Pradeep P Thevannoor Learning Resource Centre from the comfort of your home or anywhere with an internet connection, simply visit: Click Here to Search Library Books

The integration of Web OPAC underscores our commitment to modernizing library services and ensuring that our patrons have the best tools at their disposal for academic and research pursuits.

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